Farrington’s Pub

Friendly Staff, Quality Guinness & Good Company, Keeping the pub local!

Trading since approximately 1820, it all started with a thatched cottage selling grain at the back of the premises. The grain business grew to eventually become Farrington’s Mill and the pub has traded alongside for the past 200 years !

We unfortunately have very few pictures of the old pub and mill operation. This picture of grain being loaded onto a lorry was taken at the back of the premises.

In 2017 we started a range of improvements. The first stage was to refresh the pub with new paint, overhaul the toilets and convert the lounge into a café space. We then introduced a basic food offering for the weekday lunch period. Then in 2020 we commenced the process of a major renovation to incorporate a restaurant, new toilets, stores, staff facilities and kitchen expansion.

The pub was originally a very small room measuring 4m by 4m. At some point, probably in the 1950’s, it was extended and this is why the terazzo floor only covers half the room. As part of the renovation we uncovered a chimney opening and fireplace so set about sourcing this period appropriate fireplace to fit in and make the pub warm and cosy again.

In 1945, with the profits from selling grain abroad during the war, the then owner, Mr James Cooney, built the pub building. He installed a beautiful Terraza floor which we uncovered during recent renovations, complete with an oche for a dart board.

Our bar is simple and true to what it should be – a bar !, no bling, only one TV for emergencies, good beer and friendly service.